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Put down your guns and lets fight cancer together

Cancer is a global menace with no definite causes, instead of fighting terrorism in a smart way of using guns and wasting money in manufacture and importation of guns. Although, myths indicate that the use of chemicals in processed foods is the main factor. Let us redirect the energy and invest the money in research and development of cancer machines. The same way you fight an enemy with vigor and muscular endurance. Cancer needs the same parameters.

You can never attack an enemy as an individual, have you ever asked yourself why the police walk in pairs. They need a backup and a team spirit to fight the enemy. The leader of the battalion watches the actions of the enemy while the troops take orders and execute the instructions. The team spirit in fighting cancer involves using real life sample, take them to a laboratory and run a culture test to ensure the root cause of the disease is found and worked on. This will make people take the precautionary measure seriously, unlike the myths. Your troop members have been injured, you have to remain strong and carry him to the waiting car instead of the enemy dragging him and put him a prisoner of war lest he releases your secrets for the enemy to capitalize on it.

An event with the theme “put down your guns and lets fight cancer together” clearly indicates that cancer is a killer disease more than war. Although they all need to be solved, it indicates that health is a priority in the population of a country.2c63029c09c6f33c7bc8d9444ef68752

The level of productivity of a gun holder depends on his physical and mental health. How can a sick person defend you; that is the reason why physical fitness is a priority in the recruitment of police and the military personnel.

A healthy nation enhances economic growth and development since the productive population uses the resources at maximum and helps in the development of technology which is the main parameter in all sectors of the economy.

Technology in health assists the health experts and researchers to have a conducive atmosphere to develop a cure to increase he life span of cancer patients through affordable health care and availability of medicine.

The internal alarm feature of a gun helps in the overall functioning of the weapon. It automates all the features and releases a bullet in the shortest time. This is the concept to be used in the treatment of cancer. Remember it multiplies at a very fast rate and it needs to be contained to prevent the cancer cells from causing more damage.

The symbolism in the statement “put your guns down and let us fight cancer is a wake-up call to the public on the existence of this monster – cancer. The leaders are not left our either, it gives them a strong backing to pass laws acceptable by the society with an aim of reducing new cases of cancer and treating cancer patients. Otherwise, activists and human rights personnel might demonstrate and play politics on the noble move.

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