Healthy Living: The Key to a Fulfilled Life as a Cancer Patient

Healthy living combined with medical treatments is the best way to prolong the lives of a cancer patient.

What is healthy living for a cancer patient?

This involves embracing healthy lifestyles for the mental, physical and spiritual well being of an individual. The fact that there is no definite cure for cancer; medical experts focus on the management of the symptoms.

At times you do not just die of the symptoms but just because of cancer-related stress and depression.

According to Cancer Research UK, there are 9.6 million cancer deaths since 2018 globally. It is the leading killer disease in Europe and the United States. This is an alarming data statistics.

Researchers are using a multi-sectoral approach to reduce the mortality rates as well as increase the life expectancy of cancer survivors.

In developing countries, cancer is like a death sentence. This is as a result of the insufficient technological advancement is treating the illness. Oncologists advocate for a healthy lifestyle to minimize the predisposing factors to cancer.

Here are 7 tips on the healthy practices that a cancer patient should practice

1. Regular workout

Some cancers are associated with weight gain. You already have a terminal illness. Why should you expose yourself to other types of cancers? This is only possible when you enroll in a physical workout program.

 You need to be vigilant about this. Some of the cancers cause fatigue and strenuous physical activity can cause more harm than good. Liaise with your doctor on the best work out program suitable for you based on your current state of health.

 Your physical activity should aim at the prevention of recurrence of the disease and enhance proper health after the harsh treatments.

2. Healthy diet

This is the most significant part of cancer treatment interventions. Reports prove that unprocessed foods play a significant role in the spread of cancer. Why then should you expose yourself to them?

Do you want a relapse/recurrence or total healing?

The message all cancer patients want to hear is “YOU ARE CANCER FREE” With this in mind then you have all it takes to manage your diet with fruits and vegetables renowned for enhancing the healing process.

The foods you should avoid at all costs include

  • Alcohol
  • Any form of unprocessed foods and soft drinks
  • Excess sugar, oil, and salt
  • Tobacco and cigarettes

3.      Avoid direct sunlight

As much as the sun is the main source of vitamin D; it has negative effects on cancer patients. Already the body’s immune system is compromised; sunlight might stimulate the production of abnormal cells which may hasten the production of other cancer cells.

Some of the cancers that come from the ultraviolent exposure include

  • Skin cancer
  • Blood cancer
  • Cancer of the bone marrow

4. Prompt medical care

If there is anything that is discouraging for a cancer patient is the drugs and frequent hospital visits. Take note: You are fighting various illnesses at the same time. You have no option but just to follow the doctor’s instructions.

The prompt visits help to identify any emerging health issues at the right time before it is too late. Moreover, oncologists are also able to note your progress for remission.

5. Accept your status for emotional support

The fight against cancer is like a battlefield. You can win or lose. In the war zone, any type of game is crucial- whether you use a small or a large weapon. You cannot underestimate your opponent.

You need your fellow military men for support and shield. Your only aim at the opponent. Similarly, every medical expert, friends and even relatives play a significant role to give you all the emotional support you may need at this trying time.

 At times, you may be overwhelmed by the uncertainties but you have to keep hope alive. Your opponent is the cancer cells. You have to do all that it takes to fight it to the end.

6. Minimize stress

The stress put a strain on the already overwhelmed body. A stress-free person can make sound decisions and face the menace with a positive mind. Stress has numerous negative effects on one’s health. Some of them include

  • Insomnia
  • Feeling tired
  • Lack of concentration
  • Poor eating habits
  • Lack of desire to continue with treatment

Stress brings about negative energy. This is evident when your illness tends not to conform to any form of treatment. When you don’t deal with the stress then you can easily get to depression. Instead of cancer taking you to the grave then it is the depression that will.

7. Get enough sleep

What do you think when you are awake in the middle of the night?

With a terminal illness, a sense of hopelessness engulfs your mind. Positivity is significant in the management of cancer. Insomnia comes about when you are physically inactive for the most part of the day.

This is the reason any cancer patient should find a physical activity to occupy his mind. The psychology behind this is to keep the body and mind active for good night sleep. It is during the sleeping hours that the body replenishes itself; you get the required rest and finally, it hastens the healing process.

Healthy living promotes emotional and physical wellness for a cancer patient. The healthy behaviors that they practice determine the rate of the healing process. Conventional medicine works well if there is a conducive environment in terms of a positive and relaxed mind.