Benefits of Rowing Machine Exercise to People with Cancer

rowrowrowYou might have heard, “Health is wealth.” Well, the statement is true for all living beings on the planet even for a tree. Unfortunately, the number of humans who are afflicted by some deadly diseases is increasing every day. One of those diseases is cancer.

It is tough to examine a particular root cause of cancer though it is described as a complex group of diseases caused by carcinogens. Researches have deemed that “advanced” human lifestyle and exposure to new bacteria and viruses are the prime reasons behind cancer.

In simple terms, cancer is the abnormal and irregular growth of the cells. We all know that a “cell” is the fundamental unit of life. Thus, the cure resides in treating the primary unit which is “cells” in the right way.

If you remember the science lessons that you studied at your school, you probably know how human cells work. Oxygenated blood is the most crucial requirement of a cell to produce energy.

Well, physical exercise increases your oxygen intake, blood circulation, energy production, in short, your metabolism and thus helps your body cells in receiving more oxygenated blood. But, people are confused about which physical activity is best for them.

Data gathered from various support groups report that running, cycling, swimming, jogging, and walking are the most common exercises. There a few limitations in all the activities mentioned above like running, jogging and walking mostly focuses on the lower body muscles, swimming needs a pool, and therefore, they are not complete exercises.

“What is the best exercise which works on all body muscles?”

The answer is rowing machine exercises. These exercises have many benefits over conventional physical tasks and new workout routines, such as:

a. It works on your upper and lower body equally.
b. It not only burns fat but also builds your muscles.
c. It is a useful aerobic exercise; quick fat burner. Slow walk for 30 minutes and 10 minutes of rowing machine exercise are almost equivalent.
d. Unlike cycling which has a restricted motion of body parts, rowing machine exercise has a broader range of motion.
e. Lower risk of injury.
f. It is suitable for people who have joint issues.
g. A complete body workout in a finite period.

There is a possibility that you are not getting the relationship between the discussion about cancer and body cells and the benefits of the rowing machine exercises.

A report by Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention suggests that the incidence of cancer is less likely in people
who are regular with physical activities. In other words, the occurrence of the cancer was inversely proportioned to the intensity of the exercises that people in the study did.

Therefore, if you are among people who walk a little distance and think you’re doing enough for your body, it is a wake-up call for you. You should instead take benefits of the rowing machine exercises. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute also reported that regular exercises helped the patients in responding positively not only to the treatment therapy but also to the side effects. Exercises mitigated the side effects such as low blood count and fatigue.

The advantage of rowing machine exercises over other exercises should be channelized for the betterment of the cancer patients. The rowing machine exercises can be modified according to the cancer patient’s constraints and health issues. Studies suggest that even low intensity work out helps in gaining a higher level of oxygen and further results in flooding of the tumor with oxygenated blood.

As discussed earlier, oxygen is the essential input for a healthy cell. If you work out regularly, feed adequate oxygen to your cells, excrete the waste through sweat and gases then you’ll be in a better position to fight cancer with chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Now, when you know that cancer patients get the benefit of regular physical activities, then you do not need to get doubtful regarding the best physical activity for you. Rowing machine exercises are a good investment and a complete package.

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