Welding Activities to Fight Cancer

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A wide array of welding techniques is in practice today, but a majority of them fall into the oxy-fuel welding or electric arc welding categories. These activities have been known to produce several hazards through ultraviolet radiation in the welding arc and contaminants production in welding fumes.

These are referred to as Group-1 Carcinogens which means it can be one of the factors responsible for causing cancer in humans. When a welder is exposed to UV radiation or fumes, it escalates the risk of developing melanoma in lungs, eyes and other cancers.
The risk of cancer and its correlation with welding
1. Type of material being welded
2. The process of welding used
3. Air Contaminants
4. Shielding gas or flux
5. Indoor or outdoor welding
6. Power settings
7. Time is taken in the welding process
8. Consumables being used
These risk of cancer in a person is dependent on the above factors.
Contaminants in Air
When a metal is a heated way above its boiling point, welding fumes are created. As the metal cools down and gets condensed to form fumes, it gives away fine particles that can be breathed in.
Some of the welding fumes may not be visible, and as such, the welder may not even be aware that he is breathing in those fumes. These fumes are known to contain carcinogens or potential cancer-causing agents that include silicates, metallic oxides, and fluorides.
UV Radiation
Ultraviolet radiation has also been found to be a carcinogen. Laser welding and electric arc welding gives off Ultraviolet radiation. Thus, a welder gets exposed to this radiation produced by the welding arc that gets reflected off smooth and hard surfaces surrounding the welder.
This exposure can cause eye damage, sunburn, eye melanoma, skin cancer, and cataracts.
The Ultraviolet radiation and its effect is dependent on the following factors-
• Laser welding or electric arc welding
• Radiation intensity
• Duration of radiation exposure
• Distance from where welding activity is going on
Measure To Ensure Safety Against The Risk Of Cancer
The growing risk of cancer to the people working in the field of welding has necessitated the use of some effective controls in the form of safety and health laws. The employers are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities-
# Employers are supposed to ensure the safety and health of their workers at their workplace.
# Welders also need to be aware of their safety and health.
# Wearing welding helmets properly. The adjustable straps of welding helmets ensure the helmet in a proper position thereby controlling the contaminants breathed in.
# Welders must follow the rules or laws pertaining to their safety in the workplace.
# Employers must take steps as per Health and Safety policies to minimize contaminants exposure in air.
In the absence of these health and safety measures, the exposure of welders to carcinogens increases. Every workplace must have a risk management process, and the workers must be actively involved so that they are aware of the risks associated with their jobs and they fully embrace control measures in place meeting precise safety and health requirement.
The remarkable portability of welding helmets ensures making its optimal use and carrying it wherever welding activity is taking place.
The breathing zone must have air monitoring on a regular basis to check if controls are successfully able to check contaminants in the air. It can be done by engaging the services of an occupational hygienist. When stringent measures are followed, the risk factor is substantially reduced.

Water Softeners For Cancer Patients

Water softeners are an excellent choice for your house. There are many myths about how healthy it is to install water softeners at home.

The truth is that these filters are a great idea because they help to have a healthier life. Moreover, different studies have shown that soft water is beneficial for cancer patients, and many doctors recommend it. The following are some reasons why installing a water softener is useful for cancer patients:
Increase Sodium Levels
Cancer patients usually lose nutrients as a result of the illness. One of the essential elements required by cancer patients is sodium. Water softeners provide the body with the necessary sodium that enables it to function properly and be healthy.
There are foods such as fish and other seafood, bread, and eggs which have a significant volume of sodium. However, the type of sodium that is provided by a water softener is of much better quality because it is in its pure state, and it´s absorbed faster.
It’s Good For The Skin
FH08APR_SOFFIX_01-2People with cancer often have skin problems. These problems range from the appearance of spots to the weakening of the epidermis. Soft water is good for skin care and helps to clean it much more easily. This way, you won´t have to use soaps that can damage it more or cause allergies.
With these filters, you can be sure that your skin remains moist and in good condition for a long time. Besides, with soft water, you won´t have to use skin cream continually. As a cancer patient, you must try not to use too much cream because it could have some chemicals that might cause damage and further lead to its degeneration.
Improve The Quality Of The Water You Drink
Regular water usually contains bacteria that can cause sickness, especially to cancer patients. A regular water softener can ensure that the water you drink has a higher level of purification.
It´s important to remember that soft water is not entirely purified; it has fewer bacteria and reduces the risk of getting sick.
Help Eliminate Cancer Cells
The increase in the level of sodium in your body helps to fight cancer cells more effectively. These cells develop in an environment of acidity, and sodium causes your body to become alkaline.

If your body manages to have an alkaline Ph, it´s more difficult for cancer cells to continue reproducing. Only remember that this is not a treatment by itself but an essential complement to the primary medication you are taking.Help Your Dishes And Glasses To Be Cleaner

People who have cancer need to be out of contact with bacteria and diseases as much as possible. These bacteria can be found almost anywhere, including on dishes and glasses. If you wash your tableware with soft water, your meals can be cleaner and healthier.

These filters are recommended not only for people who suffer from this condition but for the whole family. The filters help to prevent diseases and make your home much healthier


Cancer is an illness that requires specific treatments to eradicate it. However, there are some ways to help make these treatments much more effective.
If you had some doubts, these reasons can help you to settle for a reliable water softener, and decide to install it in your home. It can be a supporting feature for the patient to have a better quality of life and be healthier.

Drinking hot water to fight Cancer

Water helps maintain skin, joint and muscle health, as well as absorbing sufficient nutrients to fight infection. Studies also suggest that drinking two to three glasses of warm water every day could be the trick to helping these processes run faster. Now while is no evidence to suggest that warm water directly fights cancer, it does aid in the prevention of disease through many other means within the body.

Warm water has been known for centuries to help with the digestion process. Not drinking sufficient water causes dehydration, as the small intestine absorbs the majority of the water from solids and liquids consumed. As a result, this can cause difficulty in the bowel area, leading to constipation, hemorrhoids and bloating. Drinking warm or hot water has been proven to break-up food at a quicker rate than fresh water, and
therefore the risk of bowel difficulty or pain is far reduced.

We all want to feel good, right? Well warm water can help us achieve that, as it helps in the detoxification process. Drinking a beverage, such as a tea, by the use of a tankless water heater(https://besttanklesswaterheater.review/), that is hot enough for the body to begin sweating banishes toxins and will aid in the cleansing of skin pores.

Vasodilator. It is a word in which not many of us know the meaning. Basically, it is the expansion of blood vessels, hence improving blood circulation. This leads to relaxed muscles and reduced pain. Warm water allows the blood to move more freely within the body, which means improved circulation and enhanced blood flow to organs and tissues.

This next benefit is one which will touch the majority in some form. Water in general increases weight loss percentage, as it flushes toxins and other things you don’t want in your body, out. However, studies suggest switching from ordinary, room temperature water to warm water could dramatically increase this percentage even more. The higher temperature increases metabolism, and as a result, more fat is being burnt at a much faster rate.

As mentioned previously, warm water helps blood flow and circulation, and interestingly, especially muscles which are injured. Warm water can aid in the reduction of pain through hot water bottles and the likes, however, be careful as if misused, it can make swelling worse.


A benefit of improved circulation means that warm water will help you fight off colds, and improves the health of important features within the body which need to stay healthy for you too, as well. It was also interesting to note that warm water has been known to form a thinner mucus, meaning you can defend yourself against the common cold.

So, there you have it, some very handy tips to utilize hot water for many benefits which all work together to reduce the risk of cancer. Some you may have known, or some you may not have. Do not expect warm water to fight cancer alone. However, it will aid in the prevention of many little things which if put as a whole, left mistreated, could lead to cancer.


Put down your guns and lets fight cancer together

Cancer is a global menace with no definite causes, instead of fighting terrorism in a smart way of using guns and wasting money in manufacture and importation of guns. Although, myths indicate that the use of chemicals in processed foods is the main factor. Let us redirect the energy and invest the money in research and development of cancer machines. The same way you fight an enemy with vigor and muscular endurance. Cancer needs the same parameters.

You can never attack an enemy as an individual, have you ever asked yourself why the police walk in pairs. They need a backup and a team spirit to fight the enemy. The leader of the battalion watches the actions of the enemy while the troops take orders and execute the instructions. The team spirit in fighting cancer involves using real life sample, take them to a laboratory and run a culture test to ensure the root cause of the disease is found and worked on. This will make people take the precautionary measure seriously, unlike the myths. Your troop members have been injured, you have to remain strong and carry him to the waiting car instead of the enemy dragging him and put him a prisoner of war lest he releases your secrets for the enemy to capitalize on it.

An event with the theme “put down your guns and lets fight cancer together” clearly indicates that cancer is a killer disease more than war. Although they all need to be solved, it indicates that health is a priority in the population of a country.2c63029c09c6f33c7bc8d9444ef68752

The level of productivity of a gun holder depends on his physical and mental health. How can a sick person defend you; that is the reason why physical fitness is a priority in the recruitment of police and the military personnel.

A healthy nation enhances economic growth and development since the productive population uses the resources at maximum and helps in the development of technology which is the main parameter in all sectors of the economy.

Technology in health assists the health experts and researchers to have a conducive atmosphere to develop a cure to increase he life span of cancer patients through affordable health care and availability of medicine.

The internal alarm feature of a gun helps in the overall functioning of the weapon. It automates all the features and releases a bullet in the shortest time. This is the concept to be used in the treatment of cancer. Remember it multiplies at a very fast rate and it needs to be contained to prevent the cancer cells from causing more damage.

The symbolism in the statement “put your guns down and let us fight cancer is a wake-up call to the public on the existence of this monster – cancer. The leaders are not left our either, it gives them a strong backing to pass laws acceptable by the society with an aim of reducing new cases of cancer and treating cancer patients. Otherwise, activists and human rights personnel might demonstrate and play politics on the noble move.


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Benefits of Having A Support Group


The benefits of anxiety support groups cannot be over emphasized. There are many people who encounter this problem and find it extremely difficult to get the assistance they want.

Many people display a wide range of behaviors which include the uneasiness to be amongst a crowd or several others. To this effect, they will rather prefer to keep away from them. In this case, the quest to for treatment can be very difficult if the right professional is not allowed to attend to such a person. In fact, there are many instances where the people around you may not be knowledgeable of the situation at hand.

It is important to appreciate the fact that early treatment has always been the best advice if you really want to make progress in your search for treatment. Should you find yourself in this situation you are reminded of the fact that there are many people out there who are also in the same or severer situation than you do. With this encouragement, the need to open up for the right attention should be easy for you. The other thing you must know is that there are so many programs available today to take care of it for you. The more you worry without seeking remedy, the worse it becomes. Perhaps this and others are the more reasons why you need to seek the involvement of anxiety support groups.

In the first place, they are the right people who are ready to listen to you. In most cases, they would usually provide useful and practical advice for your interest. Quite apart from that, the mere fact that you know people share your concern could be a nice thing to reduce the kind of problem you are going through.

One drawback pattern about this lies in the fact that there may be some members who might keep the treatment process delayed by virtue of the fact that they may not be able to relate quite appropriately. Having known this, the other benefit you may like to know is about the fact that the people that would be providing the help may have gone through and succeeded in getting their anxiety over.

It must be stated here that the major aim of the group is that they help individuals to get their problem known at the early stages everyday of it. As you may have known, seeking early treatment is a very laudable idea. If you are looking for this group, there are a few people who could be of help. Whiles your physician could help, it can equally be easy to search on your own.

If you decide to research the internet, this may be quite easy. If you are someone who is not ready to disclose your problem to your people, then the internet could be very handy for your consideration. This way you could be in the comfort of your home and get access to anxiety support groups to provide the assistance you need! The important thing is that you can find a support group that works for you, to prevent relapse and ensure you stay sober and healthy.


How To Manage Reactions To Stress Through Self Hypnosis


The fight or flight reaction gets the credit for giving us all the physical and mental disorders that we get from stress. While this stress response is healthy because it enables us to combat or run away from threats, it becomes unhealthy when the “threat” isn’t real. Certain situations activate the fight or flight reaction, and staying too long in those stressful situations can lead to the rapid deterioration of our body for keeping on performing way beyond our limits. The agitated state that we stay in is one of the causes of anxiety and paranoia – both are stress-related mental conditions.

Simply learning to relax can offset the effects of stress. There are various categories that stress management techniques are based from, and the most popular as of today is relaxation. Relaxation can from listening to music, taking up a hobby, creative expression, or going away and getting a change of scenery. Simple relaxation practices include getting a massage, taking a hot shower or soaking in the bathtub, or just resting. For the complicated ones, meditation is probably the most popular of all relaxation techniques. No other relaxation technique, except hypnosis, can match meditation in terms of effectiveness.

Hypnosis is a process wherein you achieve a trance-like status as in meditation. The difference between them is that you can have an experienced hypnotist put you in that trance while achieving the relaxing trance in meditation has to be done by yourself most of the time. To explain further here is How to manage reactions to stress through self hypnosis.:

Relaxation: One of the reasons that make hypnosis a powerful stress management tool is it’s a good relaxation tool. While it is infamous for putting you to a sleepwalking state, it’s actually a state of intense focus while your muscles are relaxed. When your muscles are relaxed, plus you are focusing on anything but the stressors you have, you will automatically feel relaxed.

Behavior Changing: One other advantage of hypnosis over meditation is that your outlook on life is changed. Thought modification is the best stress management technique. It is also the most difficult to achieve. Hypnosis makes it easier since under hypnosis you are more open to suggestions. You can get over life events that cause you stress, the same way it is used to help people quit smoking or drinking.

It is done by hypnotizing one’s self and using the power of suggestion. It can be done by anyone who has a stable state of mind except for children and people who are mentally disabled. With hypnosis, you can gain control of the areas in yourself that you have no control of in your normal state of mind. It is also used to control pain, because pain cannot be controlled in your normal state of mind, with hypnosis it can be controlled and cannot be felt by a person who is hypnotized and under the state of trance.

Hypnosis relaxation methods are good stress management techniques, but most people would pick meditation over hypnosis because they’re scared of being made to do things that they wouldn’t do in a conscious state. Well, let me dispel everything. Hypnosis puts you in a heightened conscious state, so you will never be made to get down on all fours and bark like a dog if you don’t want to. If you’re still scared, do self-hypnosis instead to try it out. You’ll be amazed at the results.


What is Laughter Yoga and How Can it Help Cancer Patients?


Benefits of Coffee Makers in The Morning at Home

morningNumerous of people love drinking coffee because of its laxative effect. While there are some, who makes coffee part of their daily diet. Some people insist that moderate consumption of four to five cups a day is perfectly safe for the general population and has a beneficial effect on the performance and alertness of those regular coffee drinkers.

Some researchers found that coffee drinkers compared to non-drinkers has the fewer tendencies to have cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems and strokes. However, some people say that coffee has the energy boosting effects that cause you not to sleep more. Indeed coffee can wake them up but if they will not take it they feel weak. If you doesn’t have coffee machine yet you can check out Coffeeonfleek and check out their Delonghi comparison or their top 5 favorite commercial machines.

Drinking Coffee is good for your Health

There are varieties of coffee beverages out in the market these days that you will surely love to have. Ever since people discover coffee, they found coffee makers as a good way to ensure that the flavor of it will come out well. Most people like to have coffee in the morning because for them it is good for the body. Some studies show that you can get plenty of benefits from coffee. It protects your heart. This is because it has more antioxidants, and those may help suppress the damaging effect of inflammation on arteries. Coffee raises the blood pressure and heart rate, but over the long term, this can lower the blood pressure as coffee’s antioxidants activate nitric oxide that widens the blood vessels.

Prepare Coffee with Coffee Makers

Whether you are just learning how to make coffee, there are several ways to make it taste good. Use things like Magimix Nespresso Coffee machine to make it tasty. Improve the process to make it more delicious so that you can have a cup of it for yourself and your guest. Normally, some people prepare coffee for dessert, but it is not only for sweet foods. Some people use it as an ingredient in their recipes.

Importance of Coffee

In addition, coffee is beneficial to reduced liver cancer risk. Those antioxidants chlorogenic and caffeine acids and caffeine can prevent the liver to inflame and inhibit cancer cells. However, no study can prove that coffee prevents you from acquiring those conditions. It depends on other activities and foods that you intake. It is possible that most coffee drinkers have advantages if they have more exercises, better diets or protective genes.

Caffeine eventually raises blood sugar levels of the body. Apart from the obvious fact that sugar is often added to coffee, even those who take a black coffee can have their blood sugar affected. The natural sugars of the body are also triggered by the caffeine with its call for an energy jolt. Sugar tends to be more present in the blood just to get the energized and alert effect.

Moreover, coffee drinkers are less likely to die from any sorts of heart disease. However, it is important not it depend on coffee. Your body needs other nutrients and minerals to produce energy. You can have a healthy body if you know how to balance your diet and take some body supplements that will surely gives you strong immune system.